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When it comes to safety the electric panel in your home or business is the best form of protection against electrical and fire hazards throughout your system.  There are electrical faults on a circuit in your system and the circuit breakers in your panel are designed to trip or open when that circuit is unsafe.  Panels should be inspected periodically to assure all circuit breakers are sized correctly and connections are tight.  Most circuit breakers are equipped with thermal and short circuit protection and without that feature electical fires would occure 1000% more often.  Replacing an electric panel should only be serviced by a qualifed licensed electrician.  There are several infamous circuit breaker panels that are obsolete and are frequently the cause of system failure and fire hazard.

They are:

  • Federal Pacific
  • Zinsco
  • Sylvania
  • Stab-Lok
  • Wadsworth


And countless old fuse panels.

If you have any of these types of panels or fuse boxes it would be a good idea to give us a call.  24/7 Electric LLC are experts at labeling your panel with easy to read legible handwriting.

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