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Ever been bamboozled at the end of a project when you are handed a bill and find you owe lots more than estimated?

Did you find that they were doing a lot of standing around and taking long lunch breaks?

No tricks or fees here at 24/7 Electric LLC. We only offer up front pricing.

We do not charge by the hour, we charge by the job.

The price we say in the beginning is what you pay, no matter what!

If there are problems or troubles, you have no need to worry, you will never be charged more than what you were quoted.

Learn more about our Residential Electrician Services by clicking below or call now.

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Appliance Installation

Electrical Appliances and equipment plays a role in our everyday modern lives. Consumers are careful when purchasing these items due to price,…

Residential Appliance Installation
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Low Voltage

Are you planning to install a audio system or home theater with surround sound? Do you want to clean up the mess of wires and devices in your…

Residential Low Voltage
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Service Upgrades

Over the years electricity has improved our way of life. Air Conditioning is probably the biggest consideration not to mention clothes washer,…

Residential Service Upgrades
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Electrical Remodeling

Remodeling and Additions There's nothing better than giving your home a new, fresh look by remodeling.  A good electrical remodeling…

Residential Electrical Remodeling
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New Construction

24/7 Electric LLC is up to date with the latest commercial and residential new construction wiring and all the latest electrical features. From…

Residential New Construction
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Safety Inspections

Why would a customer need a safety inspection? There are many reasons. Here are the most important reasons that come to mind: Peace of Mind Purchase…

Residential Safety Inspections
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Surge Protection

The Greater Tampa Bay area is known as the lightning capital of the USA and second to the country of Rwanda in the world. There is no wonder…

Residential Surge Protection
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Home Lighting

Where would we be without modern lighting? It makes everyday tasks easier and quicker to accomplish. Lighting also brings out the color and…

Residential Home Lighting
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Ceiling Fan Installation

When it comes to ceiling fans there are so many options. All different colors, sizes and styles. Ceiling fans also help to circulate air making…

Residential Ceiling Fan Installation
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Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Electrical Installation

When dealing with water and electricity you definetely want to have a qualified licensed electrician to install, maintain and repair your pool,…

Residential Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Electrical Installation
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Have you noticed something electrical in your home or business that is not working correctly? That fault may be an electrical safety hazard. It…

Residential Troubleshooting
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Electric Panel Replacement

When it comes to safety the electric panel in your home or business is the best form of protection against electrical and fire hazards throughout…

Residential Electric Panel Replacement