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Living in Florida and more specifically Spring Hill and surrounding cities, recent history has proven power outages, destructive storms and hurricanes makes having a home emergency generator a necessity here in Hernando County. Having a local licensed electrician install a generator system preserves power whether your requirements are critical or for convenience. There are two types of systems 24/7 Electric LLC offers to accommodate new or existing Hernando home electrical systems. 


A standby generator monitors the presence of utility power and during an outage almost immediately turns on the stand by generator by means of an automatic transfer switch which diverts the load of your home from utility to generator power. When the transfer switch senses utility power is restored it safely returns to utility power and puts the generator back on standby. The fuel source is typically propane or natural gas. Diesel is also used in larger or commercial applications.


A common approved method of connecting a portable generator to an electrical system in Spring Hill, Dade City and New Port Richey employs a manual transfer switch. There are many types of manual transfer switches that can connect to main panels or specific equipment or subpanels. This must be done manually along with plugging in the generator and maintaining fuel in the portable generator. Portable generators should be stored out of the weather to keep the integrity for years to come. 
A back up generator gives you piece of mind to assure your refrigerator stays cold, your well keeps pumping water and your lighting stays on. No matter where you live in Hernando County, having 24/7 Electric LLC install your generator hook up ensures dangerous current is not back fed down the utility lines.
Whether you choose to have an automatic standby generator or a portable generator connection 24/7 Electric LLC is there to offer our expertise to install your generator hook up.

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